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Viable Research was created with the goal to contribute and produce credible medical research to bridge the gaps of medicine that divide  so many patients from being able to achieve the best quality of life possible.

The unique business model that Viable Research upholds is optimization of local organizations to better help our team understand the specific health patterns associated within that area and pinpointing the most prevalent health tribulations faced within those communities.

We prepare and train our Physicians PI’s/Sub-I’s and our clinical research coordinators to skillfully carryout clinical trials.Our goal is to provide our patients with access to treatment along with pioneering breakthrough medical therapies to treat critical medical conditions.We aspire to help in providing conclusive medical evidence to help bridge the gaps of epidemiological knowledge in the medical community.We focus on creating practical action plans to benefit our various research sites and sponsors/CRO’s we collaborate with.

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Clinical Trials 101

A clinical trial is a research study which is created to improve understanding, diagnosis and treatment of a medical problem. By providing patients with FDA monitored advanced testing, treatments and medications, we are able to not only help the patients who contribute to our research but also make improvements in future quality of care.Viable Research is committed to using the safest and most effective methods to conduct advanced and break through clinical trials.

Clinical trials are carried out with a purpose of improving understanding of various medical conditions. Our Research team works together with patients to not only help alleviate the patient’s pain in the best way possible but also improve care for others suffering with similar conditions.

Our mission is to provide our patients with breakthrough therapies to treat critical medical conditions and in result provide conclusive medical evidence to help bridge the gaps of epidemiological knowledge in the medical community.

We provide FREE care for patients enrolled in our research studies.

All medical exams such as initial consultations, follow ups, diagnostic testing, X-rays and any other related medical expenses will be FREE OF CHARGE for all patients enrolled in our clinical trials. Moreover, patients will also be reimbursed for their time and travel. Payments are subjective to study.

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