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Consulting Services

Viable Research
Consulting Services

We are skilled in providing consulting services to new Physicians seeking to start clinical research, already established research sites with support and growth opportunities.

Viable Research Management is a unique organization that serves clinical research sites with support and advocacy through consulting services. We Specialize in properly aligning sponsors/CRO’s with specific research sites to fulfill study goals.We present with highly specialized operational teams within Viable collaborate in screening and evaluation site capabilities for upcoming trials. Providing clinical research sites with expert guidance on how to achieve successful outcomes in all aspects of clinical trials.We work passionately to support research sites by promoting growth and productivity in clinical trials.

Our Goals: 

  • To upload ethical guidelines within research and to eliminate any limitations with connect Sponsor/CRO’s and Clinical Research Sites.

  • To serve as a proactive liaison between Sponsors/CRO’s and clinical research sites during site selection and start up.

  • Provide research sites with direct assistant during site selection activities such as feasibility processes, SQV’s, SIV’s and much more.

  • Connect our highly qualified project investigators with sponsors and CRO’s for upcoming research studies.

  •  Aiding in successful trial outcomes while simultaneously opening the door to new opportunities for our sites

What We Do

Our unique business model is founded on the mission to support clinical research sites by communicating factual evidence of site capabilities and experience to CRO’s/sponsors for upcoming trials. We share our client’s ambitions for greatness, thus we work diligently to gather specific metrics to aid our team in planning and executing for upcoming clinical trials.

In order to upload ethical guidelines and practices within research therapeutic areas are equally represented and promoted free of any bias.

We do not charge sponsors/CRO’s with fees in order to align sites with studies that their sites will flourish in.

In order to establish a productive and compatible repertoire, our team aspires to build upon the clientele ambition for excellence.

Comprehensive site evaluations are routinely conducted to gather specific data from clinical research sites regarding the current state and functionality.

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